Swim Lessons for all ages.
From infant swim lessons through
adult swim lessons

Group Swim Lessons
Beginner Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Competitive

Group swim lessons are held twice a week for 5 weeks, all year long. The minimum age for sign up is 3 yrs old.

The cost for lessons is $195.00 for (10) 45 minute classes. (2 classes per week for 5 weeks). There will be 2 instructors with a maximum of 12 kids per class.




 This class is designed for those children who are not yet adjusted to the water. The goal of this class is to teach the child to be comfortable in the water and learn how to swim to safety.

Advanced Beginner
This class is designed for those children that are already water adjusted. Children starting this class should be able to jump in water over their head and swim to safety without any floatation device. The class will introduce beginner strokes and rhythmic breathing.

This class is designed to improve the students’ strokes, including freestyle, elementary backstroke and rhythmic breathing. It will introduce and develop the backstroke and breaststroke. Students entering this course should already be able to swim in water over their head.

(Cost $219.00) These classes are designed to teach and perfect the Butterfly, as well as reinforce the Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. We will try to make each child proficient in the above strokes, emphasizing techniques in each stroke. These classes will also prepare students to compete on a swim team. 

With the popularity of swim lessons, there is a waiting list; please contact us immediately if you are interested.
Contact Dosil’s Swim Dept. at 732 787 0508 x14

Attention Parents:

Dosil’s requires all children who are Not Potty Trained to wear either: 

 A disposable swim diaper, a plastic diaper & a bathing suit
A reusable swim diaper & a bathing suit 

If your child is not wearing everything required, 
your instructor will ask your child to leave the pool area. 
Thank you. 

Dosil’s Now Sells Speedo Reusable Diapers!

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