Whether you are new to kayaking and unsure if you want a sit-on-top kayak or a sit-in kayak; or you’re an experienced kayaker who is looking for a new angler kayak to do some fishing on, Dosil’s has a kayak for you! Our knowledgeable staff will be here to help you find the perfect kayak or stand up paddleboard for all your needs! In our kayak / stand up paddleboard department you will find a variety of different kayaks and accessories including:

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  • >> Single Person Sit-In Kayaks
  • >> 2 Person Tandem Kayaks
  • >> Sit-On-Top and Sit-In Angler Kayaks
  • >> Youth Kayaks
  • >> Adult and Youth Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • >> Paddles, Kayak Carts, Kayak Car Racks and much more!