FAQ: Pool Parties



Q: Can I leave a deposit for a pool party once I’ve picked my date?

A: No. All pool parties must be paid in full at time of registration. We will, however, put a party on hold for you for 24 hours without payment; after the 24 hours payment must be received in full.

Q: If you aren’t sure whether there will be more or less than 20 people?

A: The prices are based on the number of people that will be swimming (Adults Included). If you do not know whether there will be more than 20 people, we recommend you pay the $219 for 1-20 people. If you find out there will be more than 20 people, you may call the store and let them know you will need the additional lifeguard at least 5 days prior to your party and pay the additional $50 at that time. Gratuities are not included in the pricing for either Lifeguards or Entertainer.

Q: How is the time split between the pool and the party room?

A: The amount of pool time depends on two things: the amount of people in the pool (1-20) or (21-30), and if you will be having pizza and/or cake.

For a party with 1-20 people:
Pizza and Cake- 1 hour 10 minutes MAX pool time
Cake or Pizza only- 1 hour 20 minutes MAX pool time
No food- 1 hour and 40 minutes MAX pool time

For a party with 21-30 people:
Pizza and Cake- 1 hour MAX pool time
Cake or Pizza only- 1 hour 15 minutes MAX pool time
No food- 1 hour and 30 minutes MAX pool time

Q: After we get out of the pool and eat, are we allowed back into the pool?

A: No, once the lifeguard gets everyone out of the pool after your allotted time (see above), no one is allowed back into the pool.

Q: Does Dosils provide food, cups, plates or other utensils?

A: We don’t provide food or anything you will need in the party room. We will provide invitations. If you are planning on ordering pizza, we recommend Valentino’s Pizzeria. When you come for your invitations, we will give you a menu and a coupon good for $10 off $50 when delivered to a Dosil’s Pool Party. To order online, visit their website at: www.valentinosgourmetpizza.com or call them at 732-495-4599.

Q: When should I have the food arrive for the party?

A: We recommend that you have your food arrive about half way through your party. For example; if your party is from 3-5, have the pizza arrive at 4.

Q: Does Dosil’s have a refrigerator or freezer to keep our cake in?

A: No – Sorry

Q: Does Dosils provide pool toys? Can I bring my own?

A: We do provide different pool toys including kickboards, pool rings, basketball and net, noodles, torpedoes, and other different types of toys which we also sell in the store. You may also bring anything else to use in the pool during your party.

Q: Are Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday the only available days for a pool party?

A: The available time slots we offer on weekends are all set in stone. It is however, possible to have a party during the week if there is pool availability. We recommend you call and ask for an employee from our swim department to further help you schedule your desired date and time.

Q: Are children that can’t swim allowed in the pool without an adult?

A: Yes; before anyone enters the pool, our lifeguards will have each person perform a simple swim test that consists of swimming the length of the pool. Those who can’t swim or cannot complete the test will be asked to stay in the shallow end (3ft) of the pool. We do recommend that children who can’t swim wear some type of floatation device. If a life vest or swimmies are needed- they will not be allowed in the deep end.

Q: Are adults allowed to go into the pool?

A: Yes, as long as it is OK with the host of the party. They are, however, counted toward the number of people in the pool. (For example, 1 guard party can have 20 people or less in the pool including adults).

Q: Does Dosil’s provide life vests or swimmies for children who can’t swim?

A: We do not provide any floatation devices for children who can’t swim. If one is needed we do sell different types in the store.

Q: Do adults and older kids need to take the swim test?

A: Yes; everyone swimming must take the test.

Q: How early can I arrive before the party? and can I decorate?

A: You may arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your party. You can also decorate the party room however you would like to as long as everything is removed when the party is over.

Q: Do the lifeguards go into the pool?

A: No; the lifeguards will be watching everything from the deck.

Q: Does Dosil's provide music?

A: We have a music dock in the pool room that can play the radio, cd’s and has an auxiliary cable for an IPOD and cell phone.

For any other questions, please call us at 732-787-0508 X10.