Open Water Scuba Diving How often should I have my diving equipment serviced?
Your scuba equipment should be serviced or inspected every 12 months, per manufacturer recommendations. This annual schedule is important to adhere to even if your regulator has only been on a few dives since its last service. This is because there are springs inside your regulator. Even though you only used your regulator once in the last 12 months these springs are under constant tension the whole time and this results in wear on other parts in your regulator. Depending on the manufacturer's warranty, an annual service may also be required to keep your equipment under warranty.

What does the annual regulator service include?
Documentation of your regulator’s condition and performance both before and after servicing. Regulator service includes complete disassembly of all your regulator stages, followed by degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning of all parts. Your regulator is then reassembled per manufacturer specifications using only manufacturer authorized service kits. If parts such as hoses or fittings need replacement we will replace them at this time. We will then test your regulator on our regulator test bench for inhalation and exhalation resistance and interstate pressure and adjust as needed. Lastly, your regulator undergoes a leak test to ensure it is operating properly. We will also disassemble, clean, lube and test your submersible pressure gauge (SPG) to ensure accurate information during your dives. Our regulator service includes a complimentary equipment test session in our heated pool to make sure everything is adjusted to your liking.

When can I expect to get my regulator back?
Our annual regulator service takes approximately two weeks depending on the condition of your regulator and manufacturer shipping times. We offer a rushed regulator service for those needing a quicker turn around.

Do I need to have my BC serviced also?
Yes, an annual BCD service ensures everything is in proper and safe working condition. It includes disassembly, inside and outside cleaning of the BCD, including the power inflator and dump valves, examination of all straps and releases, and a comprehensive leak test.

Is there any servicing needed for my dive computer?
Typically dive computers only need to have the battery changed. If you see only 1 or 2 out of 4 of 5 bars or there is a “LOW BATT” message it is time to replace the battery in your dive computer.

I own several scuba cylinders, do they need annual servicing?
All scuba cylinders need a yearly inspection, called the VIP, as well as a 5 year test, called a Hydro. Both the VIP and Hydro must be in date for a dive shop to fill your cylinder with air.

Who will be working on my diving life support equipment?
Our service technicians are fully trained to industry standards to ensure your dive equipment is serviced in accordance with manufacturer requirements. You may talk with our technicians about any questions you may have about servicing or the general condition of your diving equipment.



Companies That We Service

* We might not be able to service all components of a Regulator that’s made up of multiple companies.

Exceptions: Regulators brought in for a standard Bench Test or Hose Replacement, BCD’s brought in for a BC Cleaning & most Dive Computers needing a battery replacement.




Tank Services
O2 Cleaning $40.00
Tumble/Brush $20.00
O2 Valve Cleaning $20.00
Valve Overhaul $15.00
Double Tank Assembly $20.00
(VIP & Air Fill Included)
(Done Once Every 5 Years)
(Done Once Every Year)
Paintball Tank Hydro $25.00
Nitrox VIP $45.00


Regulator Services
1st & 2nd Stage $69.99
Octo $29.99
Inspection Year (Aqua Lung) $35.00
Regulator Inspection $30.00
Air Source 2 $39.99
BCD Cleaning $20.00
Gauge Service $15.00
Battery Kit $15.99


Air Fills
Must Have Open Water Certification Or Higher To Fill Scuba Tanks
Or A "Not For Scuba Sticker"
Paint Ball $3.50
Pony Bottle $3.50
50 cu. ft $5.00
63 cu. ft $6.00
80 cu. ft $8.00
100 cu. ft $40.00
120 cu. ft $12.00
(Must Show Nitrox Certification Card)
80 Fill Card $80.00
100 Fill Card $100.00
120 Fill Card $120.00
Nitrox Fill Card $150.00

All Prices Are Subject To Sales Tax.