Underwater Pool Repair

Is Your Residential or Commercial Pool Leaking?

If your pool is leaking water, severe damage can result!

  • >>The walls can bow or cave in
  • >>Deep wrinkles may form
  • >>The bottom can wash out
  • >>The liner can pull away
  • >>Constantly refilling your pool costs you money

Don’t wait until it’s too late, call 1-800-NJ-DIVER and we will have a diver come and get your pool fixed and running in no time!

  • >>Leak Detection (Vinyl Liner pool leak or Concrete pool leak)
  • >>Vinyl Liner Pool Repairs
  • >>Concrete Patch (Plaster) Pool Repairs
  • >>Bottom Drain Cover Replacement
  • >>Underwater Pool Repair Photography
  • >>Underwater Spa Repairs

Leave the troublesome pool repair diving to us! We are there for you when you need us all year long! Please contact our Underwater Service department at (732) 787-0508 x10 for all your pool repair and pool leak questions and needs.


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